Dancing Dialogue

The salient element that informs all aspects of my work is dance. For me, the word dance has come to symbolize all nonverbal expression which has the potential to be communicative. The goal of my work – from individual psychotherapy sessions to parent – child counseling to teaching creative dance – is to help the participants learn how their nonverbal actions accompany and add meaning to their verbalizations. Understanding the role movements and gestures play in our interactions facilitates greater awareness of self and others.

My work is very much influenced by my own explorations of dance in its entirety – as a dancer of traditional, modern, improvisational and authentic movement dance forms; as an educator teaching others to find their own dance within; and as a Laban Movement Analyst focusing on using a notation system that codes and describes qualities of movement. For me, both the role of observer and dancer are active roles. As an observer of dance, I am always moved by its powerful ability to evoke personal emotional expression. As a dancer, I experience the embodiment of the deepest roots of emotion through movement and gesture. Working from this focus, I look at each individual's nonverbal actions as choreography that become personal movement signatures. I regard interactions between people as spontaneous improvisations.